General information about Foundation

About Foundation: mission, projects, events

We bring modern technologies, transparency practices, citizen participation and lessons of collaboration from Wikinomics to real world (mostly in Russia and in ex-USSR countries): for development cities, civil societies, local communities. We help citizen projects based on open data, civil initiatives, urban projects, NGOs, government organizations that share modern transparent-based view on governance and any others who can bring social goods on the new level.

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What is open data and why it is important

In 2013 Russian Parliament accepted the law that introduced open data (as “machine-readable data” vs “public information”). Here is the text. And now by law federal, regional and local governments must publish specific information as open data. Since a lot of initiatives from people and organizations appeared. We are going to collect all of this information in our…

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Open Data Hackathon и CityCamp

We promote different formats of events that enable citizen engagement in civic projects. Our favorite are hackathons and barcamps. We are sure that none in Russia knows how to organize such events better than us.

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Collecting best practices with Center for Open Data Enterprise

Open Data Impact Map – is the first centralized attempt to collect all practices of using open data in business and non-profit companies around the world. By collecting as many as possible practices we will better understand how open data can give benefits to society and how to create successful startups based on open data. Beta version of the map already has been launched and anyone can add organization (or developer group, unfortunetly you can’t add personal project).

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We are creating Hub for civic projects that will change the world

Smart Hub – is our new space and platform, coworking and accelerator program for development, promoting and support of civic and urban projects. Programmers, journalists, urbanists, designers, activists are welcome every day during midnight by address Maliy Prospect of Petrograd Side, 84-86 (Space will be launched in October, date will be announced). Web site of Smart Hub.…

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